Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sticky Situation

Forget selling candy bars to raise money for a class trip, the 5th graders at Woodward Avenue Elementary School in DeLand, Florida are far more clever!

IPG donated rolls of Mossy Oak Break Up Camo duct tape to Woodward Avenue Elementary School's 5th grade Odyssey of the Mind team to raise money for their international competition at University of Maryland at the end of May.  

The class sold 12 inch strips of camouflage duct tape to the other students at their school for a dollar a piece. The duct tape strips sold like hotcakes once the kids found out what they were for:
taping the assistant principle to a tree in the schoolyard!

She began by standing on a yellow stool while the students lined up and took turns applying their camo duct tape strips where they so chose. They began with her hands, then her shins, kees, thighs, and made their way up until they reached collarbone.

She was a good sport through it all, but there were rules. No taping her hair, her face or her exposed skin! The kids followed the rules implicitly, knowing she'd eventually be cutdown and free to discipline any offenders!


It took over 300 students, the entire staff, and 2 and a half rolls of IPG's Mossy Oak Break Up Camouflauge duct tape to get the assistant principle hoisted to the tree with out the yellow stool.

The final product made everyone laugh. If it weren't for her tennis shoes and head, you wouldn't be able to find her behind the camo duct tape. The duct tape is excellent for anything that must blend in to its surroundings outdoors, and the school's assistant principle is proof of that!

Splish Splash! It's IPG's Beach Bash!

This year's "Take Your Child to Work Day" was especially exciting for IPG's corporate office!  We invited everyone's children to participate in our beach themed day, and hosted duct tape crafts for 30 kids. We taught them how to make flip-flops, wallets, mini purses, chairs and back packs.

The only materials IPG supplied were the scissors, duct tape and cardboard (for the flip flops). We left the rest up to kids and their imaginations.

It was entertaining to see what each child came up with. They were all very inventive, and their personalities definitely showed through their creations.

All of the kids had a blast and keep asking when they can come back to IPG to make more duct tape accessories! We can't wait 'til next year!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who knew Duct Tape could be so useful

Here are several ideas already sent in that show ingenuity in the many uses of Duct Tape.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A hundred and one ways to use Duct Tape

Since the introduction of Duct Tape to society, people have found some extremely crafty ways to use Duct Tape. If you look all around, you will find Duct Tape being used to hold everything together from car windows to upholstery repair. But seriously, there are so many creative ways to use Duct Tape. We are confident that our fans are part of the thrifty crowd and we’re opening up the floor to you. Send in your ideas and images for using Duct Tape. The best ones will be listed on this blog.